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Classical Education Curriculum

Reverend James M. Stack, Pastor
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St. Jerome in His Study

In the News:

November 2, 2010
Catholic Standard
The Catholic Standard has featured an article on St. Jerome's Classical Education curriculum. Click here to view online, or to download the article in PDF format, please click here.

St. Jerome School educates children in the truest and fullest sense by giving them the necessary tools of learning and by fostering wonder and love for all that is genuinely true, good, and beautiful. We emphasize classical learning because we want our students to read well, speak well, and think well and ultimately because truth and beauty are good in themselves and desirable for their own sake. We seek to incorporate our students into the wisdom of two thousand years of Catholic thought, history, culture, and arts so that they might understand themselves and their world in the light of the truth and acquire the character to live happy and integrated lives in the service of God and others. Education in this deep and comprehensive sense extends beyond the classroom and is more than just the acquisition of skills.

It encompasses the whole of one‘s life. For this reason, St. Jerome‘s seeks to involve families ever more deeply in the life of the school and in the education of their children.

Classical Education Plan
Click here to download/view the Classical Education Plan of St. Jerome School [2.13MB]PDF.