Jesus came to the world homeless, and made himself poor. Then, the Church wishes to embrace all and to say that it is a right to have a roof over your head. In popular movements they work according to the three Spanish T's: trabajo (work), techo (casa) and tierra (earth). The Church teaches that every person has a right to all three. ”
Pope Francis
SERVICE: Taking Care of His Suffering Body

Save Haven Homeless Shelter


St. Jerome’s will participate in Safe Haven for the third year, in February. Safe Haven is a temporary men’s shelter that operates from Thanksgiving to the Middle of March. Fifteen Churches and Congregations take turns hosting a dozen men during these winter months. Each church welcomes the men for a week from 6 pm to 7 am.

We will host our guests in the Gold Room from Sunday Evening, February 10 until the morning on February 17.

Volunteers can serve as chaperones during the night, prepare an evening hot meal, bagged lunches or a continental breakfast. We will need help in setting up the Gold Room and transporting the supplies to the next church. We will also be asking for supplies to help the men stay warm and safe.

To sign-up please follow this link.



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