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The Saint Jerome Academy Parent Association


At Saint Jerome Academy, we are proud to have parents very involved in the life of the school.  The SJA Parent Association is made up of all the parents and primary caregivers of SJA students, and we support the mission of the school by organizing cultural events and fundraising activities.  We fully embrace the curriculum and the Scholar’s Pledge, and strive to model the virtues it presents by being a worthy example to the students, our children.  We contribute the volunteer hours which translate into traditions, fun, and joy-filled memories that lay the foundation for our children’s characters and build up the heart of this school.

Each family is responsible for volunteering a minimum of 10 hours per semester, adding up to 20 hours total for the year.  (For families in serious circumstances, there is an option to buy out.)  We are thankful to benefit from each family’s unique talents and perspective!  Your volunteer efforts are truly valuable to the school community and especially to your children.

To organize our efforts, the Parent Association (otherwise known as the PA or SJAPA) has a two-part board of directors:  the Executive Board and the Working Board.  They are appointed by the school administration. The PA does not set policy or bring an agenda to the table; they work to uphold the established philosophy of the school through social and fundraising events.

The members of the Executive Board are:
President- Abby Sandel
Vice President- Marie Anderson
Secretary- Kathleen Brown
Treasurer- Caitlyn Buttaci
Communications Director- Laura Pakaluk

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