“As teachers, you kindle in your students a thirst for truth and wisdom. You spark off in them a desire for beauty. You introduce them to their cultural heritage. You help them to discover the treasures of other cultures and peoples. What an awesome responsibility and privilege is yours in the teaching profession.”
St. John Paul II
November 28, 1986
EDUCATION: Formed in His Communion

Faculty and Staff

Educational Leaders and Administration

Principal: Daniel Flynn
Assistant Principal: Michelle Trudeau
Business Office: Rhea Quesenberry
Receptionist: Sylvia Hill
Institutional Advancement: Mr. Chris Currie

Montessori Director: Maggie Radzik
Montessori Assistant Director: Elizabeth Burghart


Teachers: Sophie Oriani


Teachers: Michaela van Versendaal, Elizabeth Burghart, Maggie Radzik


Teachers: Heather CamposClotilde Zehnder

Grade 1

Teacher: Mary Pat Pollock

Grade 2

Teacher: Maureen Sabol

Grade 3

Teacher: Alejandra Lado

Grade 4

Teacher: Ann Nalley

Grade 5

Teacher: Amy Clayton

Grade 6

Teacher: Louisa Dwyer

Grade 7

Teacher: Stephanie McGann

Grade 8

Teacher: Thomas Ballenger


Teachers: Meghan Waters, Cathy Gallagher, Eddie Beall,

Nature Studies Grades 6-8

Teacher: Merrill Roberts

Latin Grades 4-8

Teacher: Mary Smith

Math Grades 4-5

Teacher: Mary Robertson

Math Grades 6-8

Teachers: Michelle Orhan, Eddie Beall


Teacher: Sandra Haw

Music Grades 3-6

Teacher: Michelle Orhan

Physical Education

Teacher: Eric Heller


Teacher: Suzie Ritz

School Nurse

Teacher: Zoraida Baur


Pig Roast

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Women's Ministry

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