“God’s desire to make himself known, and the innate desire of all human beings to know the truth, provide the context for human inquiry into the meaning of life. This unique encounter is sustained within our Christian community: the one who seeks the truth becomes the one who lives by faith."
Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI
Meeting with Catholic Educators
April 2008
EDUCATION: Formed in His Communion

Admissions and Forms

We are committed to making sure our classical Catholic education is affordable for anyone who meets our academic standards and shows the potential to thrive in our school.


Application for Admission
Application for Financial Aid
New Registration Checklist
Tuition & Fees 2020-2021
Immunization Form
Emergency Card
Extended Day Care
School Lunch Program
School Uniform 

Health Forms

6 Allergy Action Plan

8 Medication Authorization

9 Inhaler Authorization

3 Immunization Acknowledgement

3P Immunization Acknowledgement (Montessori & Kindergarten)

Tuition Assistance

The Archdiocese of Washington works hard to keep Catholic education as affordable as possible. Part of this effort is the Archdiocesan Tuition Assistance Program, available to students applying to or currently enrolled in Catholic schools within the Archdiocese. Tuition assistance is available through the Archdiocese of Washington for families of students entering grades K-12 . All families seeking any form of discount or assistance should apply. An application is provided through the same TADS service that handles school registration and is available online by following this link. Click on Apply for Tuition Assistance and create your own account.

This is a confidential, third-party process so if you would like our Pastor and Principal to know any extenuating circumstances, it is helpful to fill out the special letter/paragraph when you are given the opportunity in the application process. TADS only reports the award amount they  calculate, but there may be other circumstances that the application process does not cover for you, which the personal statement can address. We want to help you, so let us know!

Archdiocesan Financial Aid
Families with a documented need are eligible for local and Archdiocesan aid. Current and prospective students were awarded just over $83,000 in aid for the 2017-2018 school year. Deadlines to apply are in the late fall for current families and mid-winter for prospective families. Aid is based on documented financial need.

Shepherd Foundation
Helping to Put a Catholic Education Within a Child's Reach - The Shepherd Foundation, based in Washington, DC, provides tuition assistance for families who need financial aid in order to send their children to Catholic elementary and high schools. We don't help these children because they are Catholic, but because we are Catholic.



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