“How important children are in the eyes of Jesus! We could even say that the Gospel is full of the truth about children. The whole of the Gospel could actually be read as the 'Gospel of children'.”
St. John Paul II
Letter to Children, 1994
EDUCATION: Formed in His Communion

About our Child Center

5300 43rd Ave.
Hyattsville, MD 20781
Email: ccooper@stjeromes.org

Hours of Operation:
School Day 7:00 AM - 6:00PM

Tuition Costs:
Registration Fee - $70

Infant & Toddler - $345 per week
Ages 2, 3,4 - $295 per week; $280 per week for parishioners


Our Philosophy

Christian education is an expression of the mission to proclaim the mystery of salvation which was entrusted by Jesus to the church He founded. We at St. Jerome’s Child Center believe that we must make possible an atmosphere in which a child may grow as an individual – obtaining the knowledge, acquiring the skills and developing the attitudes that will enable each child as a being who needs spiritual, physical, intellectual, moral, domestic and social training. The methods, curriculum, discipline and activities of St. Jerome’s Child Center seek to provide this training for children.

The external factor which most influences and conditions our school’s identity and activities is that fact that you the parents firmly believe in Christian education and support our goals. Our staff is totally dedicated to providing the Christian education you desire for your child. As partners with you, we hope to assist each child to become aware of his/her own worth and integrity as a person and to begin to develop his/her potential as a learner. Therefore, the staff of our Child Center, motivated by the love of Christ and committed to the pursuit of excellence in the apostolate of Christian education, will strive to achieve, aided by your prayers and support, the following objectives:

1. To promote in the life of each child a personal relationship with God through an experience of a loving, caring, nurturing Christian Community;

2. To foster in each child a positive self-image and a spirit of inquiry and discovery that will inspire them to attain a mastery of curriculum commensurate with their potential by developing a sense of initiative, responsibility and respect;

3. To provide each child with fundamental knowledge and useable skills, and to develop in them sensitivity to cultural and aesthetic values;

4. To encourage each child in the daily practice of social graces through refinement in manners, speech, and interaction with peers;

5. To encourage the involvement and active cooperation of parents as partners in education.

We pray and labor to provide quality Christian education for all entrusted to us. In a spirit of love and sacrifice; we endeavor to seek and transmit truth.



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