“May our children find in us models and incentives to communion! May our children find in us men and women capable of joining others in bringing to full flower all the good seeds which the Father has sown!”
Pope Francis
Homily, Philadelphia
September 27, 2015
COMMUNITY: Living His Communion Together

Parish Activities

Every activity and work of parish life offers an opportunity to grow in friendship with those Christ calls together here in love. All St. Jerome parishioners and their friends are encouraged to participate in our parish activities:

Join us for a weekly prayer/play group for mothers with children ages 0-5. We meet Tuesday mornings from 9:30-Noon. Newcomers are always welcome! Contact Jocelyn Twigg for more information: Jocelyndtwigg@gmail.com

Sunday evenings at 8pm in St. Jerome Academy's gymnasium. Women of all ages and abilities are welcome to come and play a friendly game of soccer, basketball, volleyball, or anything else. This is non-competitive and lots of fun! Contact Maggie Banga at maggie21g@yahoo.com for more information.

Join us Thursday nights. For more details contact John Archer: 41archer@cua.edu

Men and Women are welcome to join in a fun and friendly game of Ultimate Frisbee each Wednesday at 4:30 pm in Magruder Park (back field). Newcomers and all abilities are welcome. Children often cheer from the sidelines. Contact Maggie Banga at maggie21g@yahoo.com for more information.



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Prayer for the community

O Blessed Lord, you have commanded us to love one another; give us the grace that, as we have received your unmerited favors, we may love all persons in you and for you. We implore your clemency for all people, but particularly for our friends whom you have given us. Love them, source of Love, and instill in them a thorough love for yourself, that they may seek, utter and do nothing save what is pleasing to you. Amen.

-St. Anselm of Canterbury (1033-1109)

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